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Anthony Seraphin, Director of Seraphin Gallery, offers Forty-Five years of experience in buying and selling art. We enjoy working with collectors, designers and museum curators to locate works they are in search of. If the need is for corporate installations, Seraphin Gallery listens and understands what the client is trying to create with public and private areas of the company. We know the power of great art to make a company image and we understand the calming effect of art in medical environments. We are known for high quality art that increases in value over the years, starting with our collection of Thomas Eakins photographs, which Sotheby’s held the very first auction dedicated to photography in 1977. Works from Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can to Gerhard Richter have come through the gallery and into collections both nationally and internationally. Our eye for both realism and abstract art has proven itself for over four decades. We also place large outdoor sculptures and represent wall mural artists. Our contacts are worldwide, so our collections are varied from American works to the exhibition we held for Thai paintings and sculptures, or to the first outsider are exhibitions for Friedrich Schroder Sonnenstern in 1976, here in Philadelphia.


Interior Design is a challenge we enjoy taking on with the Interior Designer, most recently 500 Walnut Street here in Philadelphia. The prices of these condos set the record for the city and they called for cutting edge works, both paintings and sculpture. Mr. Seraphin would enjoy being part of your project, or search for works by a specific artist, 21st Century back to the 14th Century.


We bring you the best within your budget. We also offer publishing services for your catalog or video presentations.

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