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Jeff Cylkowski is a Brooklyn based abstract painter interested in the psychology of perception and the visual experience of sensation.  Of Korean descent, born in Chicago, and adopted at birth to a Polish-American family from Minnesota, Jeff’s intrigue with perception and culture began at a very early age as he attempted to make sense of the non-conventional appearance of his family.  Growing up, Jeff was heavily involved with the subcultures of skateboarding, punk rock, and hip-hop. After completing high school in Indianapolis, IN, he moved to San Francisco and was an active graffiti writer in the flourishing graffiti/street art movement of the mid/late 90’s.




Curriculum Vitae


Since 2009 he has been working with the artist, Jeff Koons, overseeing the painting and graphics production of the Popeye and Hulk Elvis series sculptures. Jeff continues to make work that examines the history of abstraction, and the possibilities of paint.  Using dense layering, mark making, process, and graphic pattern, the work is an accumulation of visual incidents.  Through the vibrational language of movement, light, and space, the pictures seek to further explore the connection between perception and visceral experience within the viewer.

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