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Catherine Lee

VERMILLION RIVER 2006 Bronze with patina, 49cm (h) x 34cm (w) x 6.8cm (d); signed, inscribed and dated 2006 verso.

Catherine Lee

Lee grew up in Pampa, Texas. She pursued her education at San Jose State University in San Jose, California, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in studio art in 1974. From 1978 to 1998, Lee was married to abstract artist Sean Scully. Following her marriage, she resided in New York City for 32 years before eventually returning to Texas in the late 1990s. She settled in the Hill Country near Austin. Some of Lee's artwork is currently part of esteemed collections at notable institutions such as New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Additionally, certain sculptures created by her are available for purchase on Artnet. Catherine Lee's sculptures vary in size from small to large, taking the form of faceted polyhedra or polygons made from cast metal or clay. Some are singular works, while others are grids composed of numerous handmade components. She identifies as an abstract artist, as her work tangentially refers to things in the world without being representational. Lee held her first solo exhibition in 1977 in New York City and has since showcased her art in various public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art and Tate Gallery. Her preferred method of creating ceramic artwork is Raku due to its unique and irreproducible results. She has taught at several institutions, including Princeton University, Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Columbia University. Throughout her career, Lee has exhibited her work in numerous cities worldwide, including New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Her interest in art began during her childhood in Germany, where she visited a local art museum and was profoundly moved by the experience. Overall, Lee's art has left a lasting impact on the contemporary art scene, attracting attention from various galleries and museums globally.


  • Indianapolis Museum of Art

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

  • Tate Gallery, London

  • The Metropolitan Opera,

  • Museum of Modern Art

  • Lora Reynolds gallery

  • Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

Solo exhibitions:

A list of Catherine Lee's exhibitions taken from the book Catherine Lee, the Alphabet Series and Other Works by the Pamela Auchincloss Gallery.[14]

YearCityGallery1980 Queens, New York MoMA ,PS11983San Antonio, The University of Texas1984Akron, John Davis Gallery1985New York, Gallery Bellman1985, Akron, OH, John Davis Gallery1986New York, John Davis Gallery1987New York, John Davis Gallery1988, Santa Monica Michael Maloney Gallery1989, London, Annely Juda Fine Art, 1989Boston, Thomas Segal Gallery 1990, New York, Marisa del Re Gallery1990, Paris, Galerie Karsten Greve1990OsakaGallery Kasahara1990San FranciscoStephen Wirtz Gallery1991ZürichGalerie Jamileh Weber1991CologneGalerie Karsten Greve1991NagoyaKohji Ogura Gallery1992MunichStädtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus1992LinzNeue Galerie der Stadt Linz1992CopenhagenGalleri Weinberger1993New York CityGalerie Lelong1994Birmingham, MichiganHill Gallery1995ParisGalerie Karsten Greve1995CopenhagenGalleri Weinberger1995New York CityGalerie Lelong1995KölnGalerie Karsten Greve1995TokyoMizuma Art Gallery1996SalzburgGalerie Academia1997ParisGalerie Karsten Greve1998KölnGalerie Karsten Greve1999New York CityGalerie Lelong

Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

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