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Leon Golub Works

Leon Golub, Ho Chi Minh, 1976, Oil on linen, 21 1/2" x 16"

Curriculum Vitae

“The recurrently astonishing gaiety of Golub’s imagination, in dire neighborhoods of dirt and blood, advertises how free a mind may be that dares itself to welcome truths that are respectable exclusively in being true.” – Peter Schjeldahl for The New Yorker

Leon Golub - Don't Tread on Me, 2002, Oil stick and ink on bristol, 10" x 8"

Leon Golub Pierre Trudaeu 1962 Graphite on paper

Leon Golub - The Black Does Not Interrupt the Killing, 2002 Oil stick and ink on bristol 10" x 8"

Leon Golub - Le Dos Au Mur, 2002 Oil stick 10" x 8"

Leon Golub