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Curriculum Vitae

Youdhi Maharjan is a New Hampshire based collage artist. ​

I am interested in the idea of Sisyphean eternity, monotonous repetition of the same labor over and over again, with no hope or expectation for an end. In the process, I experience different kind of eternity, the sweet kind, that lasts for few material moments, but feels like forever, where the time stops, and with it, stops all my questions and worries, where I am free from my existential burden and get a little closer to myself.

- Youdhi Maharjan


Maharjan’s installations and and prints are made from repurposed texts, which he strips of their legible content. In interviews, Maharjan has cited writings by Beckett (Waiting for Godot) and Camus (The Myth of Sisyphus) as his artistic inspiration, as well as the Buddhist Thangka (painting on cotton textile). His rich personal history is also ingrained his work -- Maharjan was educated at a military academy in his native Nepal, originally looking to become a doctor before turning to the arts. He uses the rigid, mathematical repetition learned from childhood as a source of meditation when creating his pieces.

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